Universal Drug Testing
Making the Workplace Safer One Test at a Time

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We are glad you decided to visit US today. We recognize that having an employee who uses drugs can be a financial and emotional strain on a company, affecting your bottom line with increased worker’s compensation claims, high medical costs, absenteeism, lower productivity and higher turnover. It is no wonder why Fortune 500 companies have drug—testing programs established.

Who Do You Trust?

Screening employees for drug use can protect you from liability and reduce your insurance cost. Some insurance companies may offer up to 7% discounts for companies that drug-test, so make sure you ask your insurance provider. If you have already enforced a drug and alcohol program for pre-employment, random, post-accident or return-to-duty screenings, or need help establishing one, Universal Drug Testing is your Solution. You Can Trust Universal Drug Testing to help in Making the Workplace Safer One Test at a Time.
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